I have #lipedema , and it’s a lot more to it, than just aesthetics
It’s a connective tissue disorder that cause severe pain, swelling, brain fog, bruising, lack of appetite, damage to nerves, destruction of fascia & muscle, replacement of the bodies actual fat, weakened immune system, abnormal growth, tearing of skin, tachycardia, hyper mobility, easy dislocation, etc.
It’s a genetic condition, and not the result of something you do. It can be triggered during puberty, pregnancy, menopause, injury, stress, or illness. 
It’s commonly misdiagnosed as #fibromyalgia , #cushingsdisease , #celiac , and #ehlersdanlossyndrome 
It effects 1 in 10 of those AFAB
My symptoms have been getting increasingly worse, and Im in pain almost every waking moment. 
 only difference throughout the day is the degree of pain. The I’m  currently trying to fundraise for my surgeries to remove the diseased tissues/fibrotic lipedema nodules. I’m significantly below poverty line, and was originally on free state insurance, however they don’t cover treatment so I switched to a private insurance, only to find out they’d only cover $500 towards each surgery. I need a really good PPO plan, but most the ones I need are only available to those who get it through employment. I have to wait till open enrolment to get the insurance that will help me. That’s all the way in September, and then there’s a waiting period because of pre existing conditions. 
Meanwhile, my first surgery is in the beginning of July. It’s the most expensive of the surgeries I’ll need for it, and is $24k
That’s more than I earn in 2 years. 
I have someone that’s putting up $13k towards it.
That leaves $11k that I am going to need by July 2nd. 
$4,620 of that I will need this week. 
Please.... If you can donate, to my fundraiser, it would help out so much. Even if it’s a dollar, it’s still better than nothing. 

Help fund my surgery