• Lilith Fury

They say I’m Glorifying Obesity

They say my existence is glamourising obesity. They say that anything short of hating my body, and battling to change it, is the same as promoting it.

No one is going to see a marginalised body, and declare that they themselves want to endure legal discrimination, lower pay, dangerously negligent healthcare, more expenses, harassment, assault, etc just because they see someone like me love myself.

I’m not glamourising or promoting obesity. I’m glamourising, and promoting the radical idea that those in larger bodies hold the same value as those in smaller ones. That neither is better than the other. That neither is more worthy, or deserving of respect, or basic human rights. That our bodies are just another body type. Nothing to fear. Nothing to hate. Nothing to ashamed of, or disgusted by.

Regardless of the sizes of our bodies...Some are fit, some are not. Some are healthy, some are unhealthy.

A fat person that eats healthy, and is physically active, isn’t a “good fatty” for thin people, or someone hurting the cause for fat people by letting thin people know they exist. In fighting doesn’t help anyone.

Some genders, experience more fatphobia than others. Different weight categories do too. A 1x cannot speak over a 2x, just as a 2x cannot speak over 3x, or 3x over 4x, 4x over 5x, 5x over 6x, etc. As do Different races experience fatphobia in ways others might not... systemically.

Regardless of what “they” say about our bodies, our value does not change.

More, and more people are accepting of fat bodies than at any other point in the past 100 years. This only makes the trolls angrier. So they get louder, to make you think there is more of them than there are.

Just think to yourself... if their hatred was directed at anything else, what value would you place on their words? How would you see someone who hates something so much they have to harass it whenever given the chance? Someone who actively seeks out that which they hate, to intentionally anger themselves so they can then harass with their whole heart.

If they did this about anything else than your weight, would you care? Or would you see them as the pathetic creeps they are?

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