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There’s plenty of room at the top

Mantrap spiderweb in 4X by @vixen_by_micheline_pitt

People often tell me that since my body is hourglass, that it is ideal, and therefore I shouldn’t be a model, as I perpetuate beauty standards that not everyone can meet.

Of course, those who say this dismiss the fact I wear a US 28/30, and that despite being an hourglass I’m unable to shop at the vast majority of clothing retailers because of this. They always refer to some random models with non hourglass bodies, who typically wear 4-8 sizes smaller than what I do.

I’ve also had many come at me for not being visibly my queer enough (sorry that my 14 year marriage to a woman, and multiple tattoos about her isn’t good enough for you). Or that I’m too white passing so my being indigenous, or latina doesn’t count. Or that my disability isn’t one that’s captured in photographs so it doesn’t matter. I don’t look almost 40, so my age doesn’t count either.

It’s excuse after excuse about why I should disappear. Well.... sorry, not sorry but that’s not gonna happen.

I agree 100% that there needs to be more models of varying shapes, visible disabilities, non white passing, etc. However.... and this is a big however.... that does not mean that me, or others like me need to disappear.

There is plenty of room for all of us.

Having 99 white straight sized women, and then me, doesn’t mean that I need to give up my spot. Why tf is this even a thing? Don’t fight over being the 1 out of 100. Fight to make it 2, out of 100. 3,4, 5 out of 100. 50 out of 100. 60. Keep going.

Fighting over that one spot only keeps anyone who isn’t thin, white, cis, and abled tokenised. Stop perpetuating tokenisation. For true diversity, and representation to happen there needs to be MORE OF US! Not everyone fighting over the same spot.

That is such a toxic mentality. There are so many models that will sabotage each other, join cliques, steal gigs, and actively work to be the select few with a platform. That is not ok. That doesn’t help anyone but the status quo.

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