• Lilith Fury

The unspoken thin privilege

One part of thin privilege that I’ve yet to see discussed, is that there aren’t hateful ghouls lurking in the shadows, happily, and thirstily awaiting their deaths. I know that when I die, there will be those who will celebrate with glee, that there is one less fat person in the world. They’d talk amongst themselves in their sad little hate clubs, about how I brought this on myself. How if I just hated my body, and stopped being fat, that every ailment I had would somehow magically disappear, leaving me the picture of health. I know that my death would be weaponised, and thrown in other fat peoples faces, to threaten, and dehumanise them. That my son, and best friend, my only family, will have to be careful with where they go online, what they do, etc to avoid seeing what these monsters would post.

When you’re not just fat, but part of other marginalised groups as well, then these hateful bigots only increase.

My death will be celebrated because I’m fat. Because I’m a Jew. Because I’m latinx. Queer. Disabled. Poor. Etc.

Knowing this... is heart breaking.

I truly don’t understand how anyone can be that evil, as to wish death upon someone for how they look. Or to be excited about their demise.

I think about this every time I go to the hospital. Every time I battle an infection, or malady. Every time I think about this pandemic, the smoke that blanketed the west coast, the constant threat of looming homelessness, every protest I went to, etc.

My life is not worth less than anyone else’s just because I’m fat.


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