• Lilith Fury

Not everyone who loves us, fetishises us.

There is an assumption that fat women, due to our size, are somehow unworthy, or undeserving of love. This belief usually goes hand in hand with the notion that we need to be grateful for any attention we receive whether or not we are interested. If a partner is abusive, or unfaithful, we are expected to be forgiving as if we brought mistreatment upon ourselves by being fat.

We are expected to either be alone, or be happy with someone that a thin person wouldn’t even consider.

Any time we go outside of those two options that society designated as our place, it blows peoples minds.

If we find love with someone who’s conventionally attractive, successful, treats us well, and would be seen as “a catch” then those firm believers in diet culture, weight stigma, and societal ranks, are left with a need to make sense of things.

Does the fat person have money? Is it a cover cuz the person hasn’t come out of the closet? Is it.... a fet!sh?

They look at us, and are repulsed. If anyone could love us, something most certainly must be wrong. It must be a fet!sh. It must be our fat.

And .... I hate that. Why can’t people who look like me be happy, or find love without it being twisted?

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Personally, I would NEVER be with anyone who fetishises my fat body.

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