• Lilith Fury

No one’s identity is singular

Let me know who you are in comments.

I am: Latina, and indigenous. Specifically Brazilian, and Paiute. Both sides of my family had some serious self hatred going on cuz of racism they experienced, and took a lot of that out on their kids. I started having my hair dyed/ skin lightened when I was 7 or 8.

I am a homoromantic asexual / “Bambi lesbian”. I’m also a Demi girl. Though I present mostly as female for work, I’ve never felt comfortable with that as a gender.

I’m disabled. Not just disabled, but in the process of dying. Though I’m a stubborn bish, and don’t go down easy. I have: cptsd, chronic depression, anxiety, recovered anorexia, hypothyroidism, pcos, endo, lipedema, eds, thalasemia, Haemochromatosis, cirrhosis of the liver, (sometimes) hepatic encephalopathy (though we usually keep it under control), epilepsy, fibromyalgia, and a pin in my spine. I’m also deaf in one ear, and legally blind without my glasses.

Also... rape survivor, domestic abuse survivor, child abuse survivor, and my daughter died.

I’m poor. And yes, that counts. According to needymeds.org federal poverty level calculator, my son and I sit at 66% of FPL with the annual income of $11,250. Poverty counts cuz it’s your ability to have a home, to be fed, to have clean water, medical care, transportation, etc. I can’t afford rent, or my meds

I’m fat. A US size 28/30, with the measurements: 70/53/73

Discrimination against fat people is legal in 49/50 states, and don’t think for a second that bigots don’t take advantage of that to discriminate against other groups.

We get substandard medical care eg. gross medical negligence, resulting in our deaths. We’re hired less often, earn less for the same jobs, are still charged more almost every aspect of our lives.

I’m Jewish. Which means I’m one of only 14 million in the world. It is an ethno religion, & is literally in our DNA. More specifically, Im Sephardi Mizrahi. Only reason I’m here today is cuz during one of the many ethnic cleansings, some of my ancestors were sold as slaves to sympathisers who didn’t want us murdered. They were only freed 120 years ago.

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