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Let’s talk about fatfishing

Today’s topic: Fatfishing

What is fatfishing? It’s the act of intentionally making oneself appear fatter than they are.

This is common in both the fetish community (100% understandable. Make that money. Squeeze those wallets), as well as the fat acceptance community. (Which is not only wrong, but damaging)

How can it effect you?

Personally, I’m most effected when I see someone who looks my size, or larger, modelling something that I couldn’t squeeze into even with the help of a friend, and the fact I’m hourglass.

I know people have different shapes/heights, and both these things can effect sizing, but that can’t explain the drastic differences I’ve seen.

If you see someone who looks bigger than you, modelling something you couldn’t fit even if you lost 50-200 lbs, it can mess with your body image, and make you feel larger than you are, and more othered since the representation you thought you had, wasn’t real. This can lead to body dysmorphia, and trigger eating disorders.

This false representation also takes jobs away from models who actually are in those size classes, as well as take the platform from those whom are already silenced.

These models/bloggers/activists, etc are causing harm.

My measurements are: 70/53/74

I think it’s important to be upfront, and transparent about this if you’re going to advertise clothing, especially because finding clothes that fit the fat body is already difficult, or near impossible to begin with.

To fit the leggings I’m wearing in this pic (3x. I’m normally a 4x) I had to lay down, stand up, jiggle, dance, and have the assistance of my best friend to stretch the pants with two hands, while I used my hands to get my belly inside. If not for my being hourglass, this would not fit me at all. And anytime that’s the case with someone I model, I make it known so people don’t waste their money.

I am a size US 28/32 depending on brand.

90% of the clothes I wear are stretchy. If there’s no stretch, more often than not it means I can’t fit it.

Let me know in the comments if you have ever seen this before?

Leggings & umbrella by @blackcraftcult

The leggings are 3x (I don’t suggest for larger sizes to attempt)

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