• Lilith Fury

Judgement of fat bodies

Navigating the world in a fat body means that no matter what I do, I will be judged.

The assumption is made that I overeat (I don’t), that I only eat unhealthy foods (also wrong), that im lazy and sit around all day (sooooo so wrong), and that my body can be “fixed” by either being shamed or doing some miracle diet that only they seem to know about. “Try keto!” “Eww! Keto? No way! Low fat is the way to go”. “Low fat? You need healthy fats. Try....”

Strangers will see me minding my own business, and be compelled to proudly state how they’d never date me, when no one even asked, and I for sure wouldn’t want to date them either.

Some get angered that I have a following, or rep certain brands since they feel that I shouldn’t have have that opportunity as a fat person.

Some get so angered, and violent that they start sending r*pe and de*th treats.

My fatness is seen to so many as an open invitation to treat me however they please. They dehumanise me. They see me as less than. As something and someone that doesn’t matter. That’s unimportant. That’s worthless. But they’re wrong.

Their opinions are as worthless as they are unsolicited. Why is it so hard to see a fat person and treat us with respect, or just leave us alone?

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