• Lilith Fury

Fat women in horror

Imagine.... a fat actress in a horror film. She isn’t trying to eat anyone. She isn’t so miserable from her fatness that’s she’s trying to kill anyone. She’s just there like anyone else. Best of all... she isn’t played by a man in order to show how “grotesque” a fat woman is.

Ma & Misery: weight used as way to emphasise them not fitting in, being “off”, and their moral failings.

Henrietta in evil dead 2, was played by ted Raimi.

Unknown fat woman zombie in remake of dawn of the dead, was played by a man too.

The monster fat episode of Todd and the book of pure evil had evil fat eat people.

Smallville had Amy Adams character as a fat girl who ate people after becoming magically thin.

Even in non horror, fat women are painted as food obsessed, virgins, lonely, single, jealous of thin people, bullies, stupid, sloppy, unfeminine, always eating, hate themselves, grateful for any and all attention, cowardice, etc.

Look at how Melissa McCarthy started? She’s only a size 16-18, but her characters were food obsessed, hated being fat, masculine, sloppy etc.

Same with rebel Wilson’s characters.

Oprah’s weight had her playing motherly roles.

Another trope commonly attributed to fat women

Queen Latifah was amazing in her roles, but she was an extreme rarity. She got roles that other fat women could never even dream of getting.

Id love to see more fat women on tv, and in movies.

In young, and old roles.

In all races, and ethnicities.

Abled, and disabled.

Across all genres.

Not being stuck playing insulting, or demeaning roles meant to mock their bodies. .

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