• Lilith Fury

Fat representation in fantasy

Fat representation in fantasy has always been limited to us being villains, caregivers, or fools. Where are our fat heroes? Where is the beautiful fat princesses? While other children see endless varieties of characters like themselves, what happens to fat children?

Who do they see when those who look like them are on screen?

Fairly godmother, the three fairies, mother mouse: they’re old. Their ages work as an excuse for their fattness. They only exist to serve the protagonist.

Ursula, the queen of hearts, the matchmaker, etc. Angry, wrathful, controlling, manipulative, and in case anyone forgot, Ursula had to become thin to win Prince Eric.

Mary Sanderson (no back story, stupid, constant weird expressions) “miss trunchbull” in Matilda whos size only served to make her scarier.

Fat children in movies who often don’t have any substance other than being fat, sloppy, greedy, gluttonous, and the butt of jokes (even most of their names are joking about their size) , “fat kid” on monster squad, “the kid” bad Santa, “ham porter” sandlot, “chunk” from goonies, “piggy” from lord of the flies, “Augustus gloop” from willy wonka, “thud butt” from hook, “Bruce bogtrotter” from Matilda, the entire cast of heavyweights (though they were the heroes, they were food obsessed, and diet culture is THICK in this).

So I say to you, if good representation isn’t there, then let us be it. Let us be the heroes of our own stories. Let us rise above, and show children, and teens that they have hope, because people like you exist. Fat people with substance. Fat people who are unapologetic in our sizes.

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