• Lilith Fury

Complimenting fat people

Anyone else notice they as soon as fat women, and enbys started calling ourselves beautiful, those already in socially accepted bodies began chiming in about how we shouldn’t give appearance based compliments, and that calling ourselves beautiful is feeding into a flawed system because we don’t owe anyone beauty?

While it is true that no one owes anyone beauty, i think it’s convenient how the topic is almost always brought up when a fat or otherwise marginalised person expresses that they’re beautiful. The whole shift from appearance based compliments are being forced to start with those who almost never got complimented to begin with, while the shift eventually someday maybe make its way over to thin women too. Hell no.

I am beautiful, inside and out.

Anyone trying to silence me on that, can choke on a dog fart.

I know that the way I see myself bothers a lot of fatphobes, but I don’t care.

I. Am. Beautiful.

Their hate cannot change that.

Fat women already know that “she has a nice personality”, really just means “fat”. We’ve been living with every non appearance based compliment under the sun our whole lives.

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