• Lilith Fury

Analogy for “Obesity related death”

If doctors refused to treat people w/ blue eyes,blamed every health concern on their eye colour, & dismissed all complaints.

If insurance charges them more, or denied them outright.

If jobs either refused to hire them, or paid them less.

Would their deaths be “blue-related”?

Would their eye colour mean they’re inherently unhealthy?

Or would it mean that the way society is discriminating against them, is so toxic that it’s deadly?

This is what happens to fat people.

When people point to our deaths as “evidence” that fatness kills, they’re erasing the fact that cuz of how doctors treat us, many avoid treatment till it’s too late. It’s erasing that we can beg for help for years, and never receive it, till the condition is fatal.

It’s erasing the truth.

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